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At Silver Lining Apparel, we specialize in custom Color-By-Discipline uniform programs. Color-By-Discipline allows organizations and facilities to raise their level of professionalism and patient satisfaction across the board. Moving to a color-coded program will immediately improve your client and patient satisfaction as well as your staff morale. We will work closely with your organization to arrive at a design and color palette that will transform your facilities. We also implement specific steps to acclimate your staff to the changes and make the process seamless and painless.

To simplify and expedite service for our clients we employ a fully integrated on-line order processing system through our platform. Each organization has a company specific web portal constructed exclusively for their individual Color By Discipline program needs. This system is incredibly versatile and allows our clients’ pages to function exactly how they find best works for their needs. We are able to process large orders placed by facility administrators as well as single orders placed by individual employees seamlessly and with real time tracking. The system is also able to process voucher based large scale orders when a client organization purchases an initial uniform set for their employees and then prefers that additional sets be direct employee purchases.

The Silver Lining team works very closely with our clients to not only create new looks for their facilities, but also to implement a purchasing system that takes all of the responsibility and headache associated with supplying their staffs with uniforms away from the administration and management.

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A little about Silver Lining:

Silver Lining Apparel supplies the finest quality products by producing and custom tailoring our scrubs & lab apparel in our own Silver Lining Factory. Soft touch fabric and double seam stitching produce the Rolls Royce of scrubs. We also control the dyeing process in house and guarantee color matching.

Institutions and Facilities:

Institutions and Facilities